At 4OUR Parties, Inc., we believe in the transformative power of joy and hope for children and youth in shelters and non-traditional settings. Our heartfelt mission is to craft magical, unforgettable social experiences, including dazzling birthday parties, triumphant graduation celebrations, and momentous awards ceremonies. We aim to make every child feel truly cherished, acknowledged, and celebrated. With a genuine commitment to touching the lives of these incredible young individuals, we strive to uplift their spirits, ignite their resilience, and create a lasting impact that will shine brightly in their memories for years to come. Discover the magic of 4OUR Parties, Inc., and join us in spreading joy and hope one celebration at a time.

4Our Parties, founded by Yetta Johnson-Jones and inspired by her brother, Homer R. Johnson III, is born from her deep-rooted desire to give back to her community, to celebrate and affirm every child, and ensure they know they are important, valued, and deserving of life's special moments. Stemming from her compassionate heart and unwavering commitment to service, Yetta and her team seeks to create unique, memorable experiences that empower and uplift children from all walks of life, irrespective of their circumstances. At 4Our Parties, we strive to carry on Homer's legacy, foster a sense of belonging and joy, instill confidence and inspire hope in the hearts of children we serve, as we join together to celebrate their milestones, dreams, and the boundless potential that lies within each and every one of them. 

Yetta Johnson-Jones is the CEO and founder of 4OUR Parties Inc., an organization that honors the memory of her late brother, Homer R Johnson III. Both Yetta and her brother were instilled with the values of service from an early age, and they dedicated their lives to uplifting and supporting those in need. Together, they funded programs such as backpack giveaways filled with school supplies for school-aged children in need, and sponsored families during the holiday seasons with meals, gifts, and words of inspiration.

Although Homer is no longer with us, his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for service continue to inspire Yetta. In 2021, she established 4OUR Parties Inc. as a non-profit organization committed to providing personalized social experiences, such as birthday parties, graduation parties, and awards ceremonies, for children residing in shelters and other non-traditional settings.

Yetta's background and the accomplishment of being chosen as a WRTV 6 Jefferson Award Nominee is a testament to her dedication and expertise. With 30 years of event planning experience, a certification in project management and event planning, a 10-year tenure as a Business Analyst, and 15 years as a process improvement engineer, she brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to her mission. Yetta's compassion for others in need, combined with her professional experience, allows her to create meaningful and memorable experiences for children in unique circumstances, ensuring that their milestones are celebrated and cherished.

Minister Homer Ross Johnson III was an accomplished individual who began his career as a drafting engineer for various engineering firms, including Allison Transmission. His experience in this field provided him with valuable knowledge and expertise that he later utilized to become a successful entrepreneur.

As the owner of Xcel Technical Staffing, Homer demonstrated his outstanding leadership skills by managing contracts with the City of Indianapolis and the Indianapolis Public School System. Moreover, he ran a thriving property management business, showcasing his exceptional versatility and business acumen.

Despite his numerous achievements, Homer's true calling was to serve others. He was a visionary who dedicated his life to finding ways to help, inspire, and encourage those around him. His unwavering commitment to his community and passion for uplifting others was truly admirable.

His legacy will continue to serve as an inspiration for years to come.

Terry Jones, Community Outreach Advisor 

Kymbra Johnson, Marketing/Research & Data Analyst 

Beverly Johnson, Consultant 

Shirnise Hubbard , Financial Advisor  

Tina White, Tina White Face Painting & Entertainment 

Korbin Jones, Social Media Manager 

Ki'Lynn Johnson,  Jr. Volunteer & Gift Selection Committee 

Kyson Johnson, Gift Selection Committee 

Kensli Johnson, Gift Selection Committee