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A fundraiser to benefit 4OUR Parties Inc. A non-profit organization catering to the social needs of children residing in non-traditional environments.

Date: October 28, 2023 Time: 8:00am - 12:00pm       Location: Sunshine Breakfast House & Grill

Address: 5116 West 38th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46254

As winter descends, the Pancakes & Pajamas Gift Card & Toy Drive offers a sanctuary of warmth and dignity for families living in non-traditional housing. In collaboration with 4 OUR Parties Holiday House, this initiative extends beyond mere charity—it becomes a catalyst for human connection, respect, and the cherished rituals of the holiday season. Your contributions, whether monetary, as gift cards, or tangible gifts, transform into vehicles of empowerment and hope.

Children are given coupon tickets, enabling them to experience the profound joy of choosing gifts for their families. Each ticket serves as an invaluable lesson in giving, elevating a simple object into a treasured memory. Meanwhile, adults receive gift cards, granting them the freedom to walk into nearby stores as decision-makers and providers. They’re not just picking items off shelves; they're reclaiming their roles as parents, unencumbered by life’s challenges.

In this season of abundance, let’s take a moment to share our blessings and elevate the spirit of giving into a more inclusive experience. This is your call to action: participate in this day of collective compassion. A modest donation can illuminate a family's holiday season, wrapping your gift not just in paper, but in the love and dignity we all deserve.

Date:  December 20, 2023

As winter deepens, the Holiday House Shopping Experience emerges as a quiet, transformative space, the poignant culmination of the Pancakes & Pajamas Gift Card & Toy Drive. In a discreet location, safeguarding the well-being of vulnerable families, donations morph into something more—a curated gift store filled with possibilities. Children clutch coupon tickets earned in advance, and with each step through the aisles, they're not just shoppers; they are young souls learning the tender art of giving.

This store is more than a room filled with objects; it's a sanctuary where dignity and love replace price tags. It's where a child can pick a toy, not just as a possession, but as a deeply personal gift for a sibling. It's where they can select a scarf, envisioning the warmth it will bring to a parent battling life's relentless cold. For a few sacred hours, they're not defined by their housing situation, but by their roles as daughters, sons, brothers, sisters—each an irreplaceable thread in the fabric of their families.

In this hidden space, previously received donations come to life, reshaping a commercial act into a profound human experience. It's where charity transcends, turning into choice, connection, and a celebration of our shared humanity.