Our Initiatives...

H.O.M.E.room—a haven for young minds aged 8 to 17. A sanctuary where their voices matter, their thoughts find resonance, and their concerns take center stage. In a world that often overlooks their unique perspectives, this program is a beacon of acknowledgment and understanding. Navigating the tumultuous sea of adolescence isn't easy, but the H.O.M.E.room is a safe harbor where youths embark on a transformative journey. It's more than just a program; it's a pivotal space for fostering dialogue on matters close to their hearts. In these walls, every thought finds a home, every worry finds a listening ear, and every dream finds encouragement. For more information, please complete the Intake Assessment below.

As social media dominates their lives, the H.O.M.E.room equips them with tools to navigate its waters wisely. Our engaging discussions delve into the profound impact of positive and negative online images, helping them craft a digital presence that reflects their true selves. Through thoughtful conversations, they'll learn that authenticity resonates louder than any filter. Conflict resolution—an essential life skill—is another cornerstone of the H.O.M.E.room experience. In a world brimming with differing opinions, they'll learn the art of respectful dialogue, the power of empathy, and the beauty of finding common ground. It's a haven where disagreements evolve into opportunities for growth, building bridges instead of walls. And then there's goal setting—a crucial step towards their aspirations. H.O.M.E.room guides them through this intricate process, helping them carve out tangible paths towards their dreams. With each step forward, they'll uncover their potential, discovering that the journey is just as enriching as the destination.

The H.O.M.E.room is an emotional commitment to the young minds that hold our future. It's a sanctuary of growth, acceptance, and discovery. No exaggerations, no flashy promises—just a heartfelt invitation to a space where they can be themselves, learn, and thrive. Because every adolescent deserves a room where they're heard, valued, and empowered.

The H.O.M.E.works seeks to empower and equip disadvantaged youth and young adults between the ages of 16 and 25 with essential job-seeking skills and workplace etiquette. We believe that every individual deserves an opportunity to succeed, regardless of their background or circumstances. Our comprehensive program focuses on the following critical areas to ensure our participants are well-prepared to showcase their talents and abilities to potential employers:

At H.O.M.E. works, we are committed to empowering disadvantaged youth and young adults to recognize their personal strengths, cultivate their potential, and achieve their goals. Through our comprehensive program, we aim to transform lives, create opportunities, and contribute to the growth and development of our community. For more information, please complete the Intake Assessment below.

At TLP - Transitional Living Program, our primary goal is to support and empower youth and young adults between the ages of 16 and 25 in their transition to independent living. We recognize the challenges and uncertainties that come with this significant life phase, and are dedicated to equipping our participants with the necessary skills for both work and life. We are committed to helping our participants transition to independent living with the following trainings:

At TLP, we are committed to guiding and supporting youth and young adults during their transition to independent living. By equipping them with crucial skills, we aim to empower them to thrive and succeed in their personal and professional lives. For more information, please complete the Intake Assessment below.


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